About the dialogue

Here are our 5 Ps:

Purpose: Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership (VRP) would like to hear your concerns, ideas, suggestions and solutions to help keep Merseyside a safe place to live, with lots of opportunities for people to thrive. 

We know what the data tells us as professionals, but we need your help to add context to this information: e.g. if the data says that fewer young people are suffering from mental health problems since last year, do you feel like this the case?  Or do you think that more young people are suffering with ill mental health and have a suggestion as to how to help?

What you tell us will directly influence the decisions which the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership make around where time, money and effort needs to be prioritised to make a difference.

People: The VRP is a partnership, and you are important partners for us. 

The Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership is made up of people from all different backgrounds.  We work in schools, the Fire Service, Youth Services, Youth Justice, Probation Service, Councils, Police, PCC, Health, Universities, Sports, and in the Arts.  Together, we look for the best ways to stop violence from becoming a part of someone’s life.  We mainly work with young people and their families from birth up until the age of 25. 

Our work is funded by the Home Office and is intended to reduce serious violence over the long-term and hopefully stop it for good.  This means that we leave our partners like the Police to the enforcement side and we concentrate on how we can prevent it from becoming a part of someone's life in the first place. 

We do this by listening to people, looking at what the data tells us and reviewing what works.

Proposition: We want to hear what you have to say.  This might be answers to questions like:

  • What worries you the most where you live?
  • What already works well to help stop young people from being caught up in violence and why?
  • What so you think would work well/better and why?

Problems: We want to hear your honest feelings, opinions and challenges.  It may well be that you know other people  feel the same way but need you to say it for them.  We will be more likely to implement an idea if it has been rated by lots of different people and has been commented on.

Although the VRP would like to hear about the how we can stop violence from becoming a part of someone's life before it happens, because we work with a lot of different organisations, if you have an idea about how to help someone who has already been affected by violence, then we can make sure that your voice is listened to and feeds into their decisions and plans for the future.

Plan: Until March 2021, we are focusing on some shorter listening sessions to help us to add context to the data we have to make decisions about how our time, money and effort will be best spent over the next few years.  However, we hope that we will be able to continue this Dialogue with you beyond March so that you can continue to talk with us.  

Once a 'challenge' closes, the posts and comments will still be available to you through the same web link you used add your idea or comment.  You just won't be able to add anything more. 

The VRP will take download all of the posts and will analyse them with our partners to see what can be done to address the concerns raised and put in place any solutions you have suggested.  

Once decisions have been made, we will update the opening text of the site with the results to let you know what is being done as a result of your input.  If you have any questions in the meantime, you can always contact us and we will try to answer any questions you may have.