How to use this site

Step 1: Register and Create a Profile

If you are 16 or under, please get permission from a trusted adult before posting a comment.  You cannot post on this site if you do not have consent.

Anyone can look at ideas and comments, but to get involved you will need to register and create a profile.

  • 'Register', at the top right of the page and create an account. Alternatively, if you try to submit an idea, comment or rating, you will be prompted to log in to the site and the log-in page also has a link to the registration form.
  • You need to choose a username.

Remember, your username is the only information which will be visible to everyone, so think before you choose it.  You should avoid using your name in your username.

  • Make sure you enter your email address correctly as you will need this if you forget your password.
  • The other information you give on registration is just to make sure that we hear from lots of different people with different experiences.

You can edit your profile and change your password at any time by clicking on your username at the top of the page. This will also show you a list of the ideas and comments you've submitted.

Top Tip: Usernames, email addresses and passwords are case-sensitive. Usernames can only contain letters, numbers and underscores e.g. John_Smith12

Usernames will be subject to the moderation guidance so should be chosen carefully.


Step 2: Submit an idea

  • Go to the challenge you want to participate in and hit ‘Add an idea’.
  • Give your idea a title, explain it in a sentence or two and to say why it is important.

These are entered using a simple text editor, which looks like this:

Screenshot of text editor toolbar

Top Tip: If you have written your idea up first and want to copy and paste it from Word, please use the 'Paste from Word' tool (located at the far right of the toolbar). This will bring up a window for you to paste your work from Word. Click 'OK'.  If you just paste directly from Word, sometimes it can get all jumbled or lost.

  • Once you have submitted an idea or comment it can't be edited, so please check it carefully before saving.

If you want your idea to be taken down you should contact the site administrator using the contact form in the footer links.

  • Your idea might not appear immediately.  Don't worry. It just needs to be approved by someone before it appears on the site.  This is more likely to happen if you post your idea over a weekend or in the evening.


Step 3: Comment and rate

If you click on an idea that is already there, you can rate the idea or comment on it.

  • To make a comment, type your comment in the text box and click 'Add comment'.
    Your comment will not show up straight away. It needs to be approved by a moderator before it will appear.
  • To rate an idea out of 5, click on the number of stars you want to rate it as. The stars are below the idea. You can click 'remove my rating' at any time to undo this.


Search the Site: There is a Search and Filter button on Dialogue - this allows you to search both idea topic and by the text of the idea itself.