Moderation Guidance

This site gives you the opportunity to post ideas and comments.  What you post will be seen by other people using this website.  Here is a quick video to explain what we will be looking out for when we moderate posts:




If you are aged 16 or under, please get permission from a trusted adult before submitting a comment. Users without this consent should not participate or provide us with personal information.

To make sure that comments are appropriate and not harmful to others, the site has some rules about what can and cannot be posted.  

This is not about censoring your views.  It is about us protecting you and others if posts do not follow these rules: 

  • Respect other people – don’t post anything offensive, nasty or that attacks a person’s character or an organisation
  • Don’t incite hatred based on race, religion, disability, gender, nationality, sexuality or other personal characteristic
  • Don’t swear or use rude language
  • Don’t type in any personal details such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other contact details in your posts
  • Don’t break the law – this includes libel (bad-mouthing someone else) or supporting any illegal activity
  • Try not to write an essay and don't spam the site with loads of comments.
  • Don’t advertise commercial products or services
  • Don’t impersonate or falsely claim to be another person or organisation
  • Try to stay on-topic.  Only posts that relate to the topic will be approved.

It will be actively monitored daily by Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership, Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm. 
This means that outside of these hours, ideas and comments posted will not show up on the site until they have been approved either the next day or over the weekend. 

We want you to take part and share your views. 

Please remember that the main goal of this site is to come up with ideas which can be used to help us make decisions. We will use your ideas to direct our time and money to help reduce the risk of violence happening in our communities. As a result, we reserve the right to remove posts which do not support this purpose.

We value your time and input. We do not want to have to remove any posts, but where they do not help a useful discussion to take place we will.

This moderation guidance is subject to change to address additional matters as they happen. If you have a complaint about an item of user-generated content on this site, or feel that your own content was removed in error, please contact us.

The views expressed on this site do not represent those of the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership. 

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