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I am 16 year old deaf person and sometimes when I am out I worry that people look at me and my hearing devices.  I think they are stareing at me and thinking "what are those things on my head".  It makes me feel scared that they are going to say something to me or maybe try and touch my cochlear implant or take it off. I am also scared they might hurt me. 

A solution around this would be to have a campaign which deliveres Deaf Awareness so people understand deaf equipment, why it is needed and how best to communicate with deaf people.  

This could be done via workshop, posters, handout leaflets, in school training, work place training or ads on radio or TV. 

We could make Liverpool a Deaf Friendly City 


Why the contribution is important

My idea is important so that people understand about deafness and then they might not stare at me when I am out in the community. 

It would change the views of the public and help many many other deaf people.  

by bkonneh on November 25, 2020 at 01:47PM

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  • Posted by MerseysideVRP November 25, 2020 at 14:27

    Thank you so much for your important contribution. It is so important to raise awareness for all communities of the variety of needs which people have living in our communities. Are there any stereotypes you think need to be challenged about being hard of hearing which you think would make you feel safer? What would the key messaging be in this campaign?
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