Is PSHE useless?

The PSHE lesson was introduced to me 2 3 years ago and ultimately I believe I have learned nothing. The overall meaning behind it isn't necessarily a problem, it's just how it tries too hard to be inclusive whilst not actually having any depth.

Particular subjects within PSHE are glossed over and usually last one lesson, once every two weeks. The knowledge that is provided is very dumbed down, something that year 3 could understand, but as a secondary student I would like to learn more. Having a surface level knowledge of some general political issues and morality can be helpful, but as someone who would like to know the meanings and origins of particular subjects, I feel like I'm not learning anything actually useful.

We missed pride month this year because of the lockdown, but even then, it was not mentioned within the last years. As a queer student, I feel misrepresented. Not to mention my peers seem absolutely clueless in relation to the issues and oppression of those within the queer community and therefore are not supporting. I feel like if they were taught about the history and how common people within my community are, they would be more aware of what harmful actions they do.

Its not only the queer community that feels neglected, but people of colour and those with disabilities. We aren't represented enough or in depth enough for people to care and it's honestly harmful. People don't realise that some words or actions are simply dangerous to say.

Pshe fails to capture elements of life and the communities we live in, and therefore is ultimately useless.

Why the contribution is important

In all seriousness, we feel neglected by our community and we want the representation we deserve. It'll help those who are ignorant to understand, and make the curriculum more inclusive overall. 

Please vote to help improve PSHE and to help out the minorities in your area!

by Mountain on November 17, 2020 at 06:54PM

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  • Posted by MerseysideVRP November 19, 2020 at 08:48

    Thank you for posting your idea. We’d be interested to know how you feel this affects how safe you feel when you’re out and about with your friends and peers, or just out doing your own thing in your community?

    We’d really like to know what other people think about this? Like, what’s the impact on your safety? Does any of this resonate for you, too? If so, can you try to explain?
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